#17: Confetti

Condomfetti for every occasion! Weddings, birthday parties, graduation! Toss ‘em high and watch them flutter gracefully back to Earth.

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#16: Socks

Keep your feet warm as you lounge around the house, or use them to go running. May be a bit slippery at first, so you can have a lot of fun on polished wood floors.

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redroses-redmonstertrucks said: how many followers are there?

Six, so far. This is a small, humble blog.

#14: Musical Instrument

Start a band. Fill ‘em up with air and use them as drums. Yodel to the twanging of condoms.

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#13: Jewelry

Use them for bling when you’re going to hang with your peeps. Yo.

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#12: Blindfold

For when you’ve just kidnapped someone and you don’t want them to see where you’re going. Or if you have a pinata at a birthday party and just can’t find a bandana. Whichever works for you.

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#11: Goatee

Just can’t seem to grow some decent facial hair? That’s perfectly all right. Some tape and a condom can fix that right up. Apply to your chin, and voila!

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#10: Party Decorations

Wow your guests by garlanding your house with condoms! Have a themed birthday or celebrate your anniversary, and let the good times roll.

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#9: Snack Bag

Got the munchies? Put some snacks in a condom and put the condom in your backpack, and you’re ready to enjoy a small meal wherever you are. Don’t forget to offer whoever is near by some snackage from your handy-dandy condom. Sharing is caring!